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Sophia The Ballerina.

Sophia is a little girl I met in China, we share the same month of birthday. She is full of energy, vibrant and kind hearted. Her schedule is always busy, she takes part in many sports at school and curriculum activities. Ballet is one of her favorites. When I saw her pictures in her ballet outfit, I couldn’t help saving the photo and painting her at a later time.

The fringes are done to display her carefree attitude about life, although it may seem like a dark painting, it isn’t. It is to the person who is looking at the painting to interpret it as s/he wishes.

It’s life with many layers, secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

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This painting is done with care and love, although it may not look much but the piece itself is philosophy on canvas.

The model of the man who is in the painting caught my eyes. His smile did it for me the most. 

When he smiled, he still embodied masculinity,  it had a softness to it yet male, nonetheless.

When he was serious he had a certain look in his eyes, it can be male chauvinist / macho, but for me I didn’t see it as something negative as society does, but apart from masculinity. 

I come from a traditional family and am a firm believer that both sexes have a role to play, I want a man to be a male and a woman to be a female, without feminist or misandrist prejudices. I want the basics of what makes each sex who they are.

And I saw it when I looked at his appearance.

The Skull

I did the skull because the brain, which is a very fragile organ of the body, is its abode. 

It has a myriad of functions, it protects the brain and much more. We go about our daily lives and don't think much about the skull when it comes to body parts. We wear sunglasses to protect the eyes, clothing to protect the skin and shoes for the feet. But the skull only comes to mind when it has to do with death or something wicked.

For me the skull is fragility, guard and shelter.

The Crown

It is symbolic of power, and immortality.  The crown is purposefully placed on the skull, which signifies that a king will always be a king. Long live the King which is a succession of power that has taken place, from man to bones. However, even after death he remains the King in a different form. The crown, the door and the ring of the skull are gold because of the value that they represent.

The Gold Door

I changed that door, it signifies how valuable the mind is. Gold is a valuable and well known precious metal. I equate the value of the skull to gold. You have to get to the skull before you get to the mind. 

That Symbol on the Crown

It is the zodiac sign of the model, he is an Aries, the ram. 

After finishing the painting, I sensed something was missing...Life! It was missing life, color is life, so I went a little crazy with the colors. I believe the colors meshed well with the painting.

I loved it so much that I did a second one of it.

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The Feast

The Feast is one of my most thoughtful paintings.

Being an avid reader, I love to read scriptural texts. I have read the Torah, bible and Quran.

There are many differences in the stories and the characters in each book. 

However, in both the Bible and Quran all things must come to an end. I personally love the Bible’s story in the Book of Revelation, where it stated in Revelation 19: 17, 18. 

I also incorporated the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and of course we know the battle will take place in Israel, hence I drew Jerusalem in the background.

The Avatar

The avatar is a manifestation of my sense of self. It’s my icon on how people can identify my art.

You can call it a theme if you will. I don’t like to paint the same thing in different ways, so I added the avatar and she fits into the painting. She watches and observes.

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Lady Stavellie
Artist | Entrepreneur | Actress | Vlogger

Whoever strives shall succeed 🌟


Height - 5'6"

Weight - 105 lbs.           

Bust - 34"  

Waist - 22"   

Hips - 35"

Shoe Size - 8 ½ wide

Eyes - Blue-gray

Hair - Dark Brown  

Ethnicity - French, Hispanic, Creole, Island


LAW & ORDER  S17 • E18

Law & Order - Bling

A rap musician is found murdered and while there are multiple suspects, the reason for her demise is not the obvious one. Detectives Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) and Nina Cassady (Milena Govich) are determined to find out whether this was a random homicide or connected to her work in the music business. Sam Waterston, Alana De La Garza, S. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


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Law & Order





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Carey Lowell Chris Noth Dennis Farina Dianne Wiest Jerry Orbach Michael Moriarty S. Epatha Merkerson Sam Waterston Paul Sorvino J. K. Simmons Jill Hennessy Jesse L. Martin Angie Harmon Fred Dalton Thompson Elisabeth Rohm Annie Parisse


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BRALI the English Teacher

BRALI book cover.jpg

Brali is an English Teacher, who loves children and she believes children have better imagination than adults. By listening to her kids, she was able to put together a compilation of some of the funniest kids stories told by many of her Chinese students. Coming to you soon!

BRALI the English Teacher part II

BRALI II book cover.jpg

In the second book, we delve in more adventures and fun stories told by many of Brali's students  This is our second book in the making. Coming to you soon!

Studying Demons

Studying demons book cover.jpg

A child rejected by the village will only burn it only to feel its warmth. "Why is it parents are raising little narcissists these days?" She asked herself. This novel is about an empath whom throughout her life have encountered nothing but narcs. It was impossible for her to pinpoint the main issue for her failed relationships until she discovers what a narc was exactly, and who she was herself, and what it meant to be an empath.



The Fold

Reviews of The Fold

"The Fold is not like any sci-fi show I'd ever watched. The hot tub makes the perfect setting for this unique blend of science fiction, cult sex, and mystery all twisted up with Aspergers Syndrome, blackmail, extortion, and good ole' Swedish Erotica. There is a hint of a dark power drawing attention to the hot tub. When people are near it, they become sexual deviants. Watch what Jef can do with 2 women at the same time. Oh the magical wonder of the hot tub! Great Job!" --John Crawford, The Cartouche Sci-Fi TV

"One of the best story lines that I have seen in a web series. Go!" --Nick Goodrick, Sci-Fi Genre Review "The production value of the series is really incredible for working with a smaller budget.Along with directing, this success of this production is also due to excellent cinematography; the scenes are beautifully shot and they look like a much higher-budget production. Honestly, the thing looks as good as Battlestar, The Lexx, Star Trek (any of the franchise), or Dr. Who (recent series). The acting is also very impressive."

--Peter Syslo, Infernal Dreams


Screened at the 2008 Cannes Film Market as part of the Cannes Film Festival. The largest film festival in the world with over 1900 film buyers from around the world.

May 13 - 24, 2008, Exhibition Booth #22.06 Silhouette Distribution

Backstage Magazine October 5, 2007

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Dear Ma Dear Diary: Les Lettres de Coco by Stavellie Salomon​​​


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