Lady Stavellie

A Life-Changing Quote
Inspiration comes in many forms. The familiar chords of a favorite concerto,
dappled sunlight filtered through a twilight forest canopy, and the perfection of an artist’s
vision made reality have all made of themselves a source of human inspiration. Yet, for
me, I find the American actor, who is known for the “tough-guy” characters he portrays Harvey Keitel to be especially provocative. One quote in particular has become a guidepost to me, "Everyone wants to learn something; maybe not everyone makes the effort, because they get discouraged. But you have to find the strength to acknowledge that ignorance within yourself, otherwise you are going to remain stagnant."
I come from a family of eleven; with half of my siblings in the medical field. I remember the day that I did the unthinkable, I chose a different route. The day that I fell in love with art, I naturally and strongly pursued it. Looking back discouragement was always knocking at my door, and I did often try to hide my ignorance. It is at times like these, the chance encounters of life that define who we are, that I remember the words of Mr. Harvey Keitel.
Looking back, I am happy that I have been following my dreams. As Rabindranath said "I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight". I set out to learn as much as possible about art forms, seeking to achieve my mastery through published works.
I enjoy shooting outdoors, landscapes, friends and images that will surely stay my mind.


From nomadic parents, at October 11 was a new star born : Stavellie-Ellmirelia Nadine Salomon. a.k.a Sens.
She is indeed truly "Sensful" with her mellifluous, sensuous voice that speaks from the heart.
Passionately soulful lyrics and mood, uniquely derived, extends her music beyond the contemporary in sound, attitude and all that jazz.
Sens had already begun showing signs of her precocity as a performer by age seven.
As an especially gifted child, among her myriad talents was the ability to commit all that she had read to memory, to the wonder and delight of those around her.
Her recollection at that time, when destiny began to chart its course, was of sitting on her mother's front porch, singing in languages of her own making.
Sens first "official" performance was in prep school, in front of fifty classmates, singing a personal favorite of hers by Celine Dion.
She was already a star in the eyes of family and friends, often complimented on her exotic appearance and demeanor. Her physical features and form, her posturing and personality were that of someone already ascended to that of highly regarded performer.
Sens' early desire was to be both pediatrician anesthesiologist and vocalist, but eventually reconciled that the two very distinct areas could not be best served dividing her passions.
Her maze through life in reaching her dreams has been challenging and circuitous, requiring tremendous efforts and perseverance!
Sens credits her father (her "daddy dearest"), as one of the most influential persons in her life, ruling with an iron fist, the developing force in her life, and also her sister, guardian and best friend, who is her god sister. A true a citizen of the world, her formal education was international in scope. She attended private Catholic schools, spent two years at Princeton University, Aberdeen University in Scotland, and was in boarding school, which she intensely disliked, being a different student, and had often called herself a "misfit".
At age fourteen, her love for art returned, her time engaged in seemingly endless fashion shows, foreign films, and those directed by Woody Allen (one of her personal favorites being "Annie Hall").
She is zealous in her steadfast belief in the essential timing of all she undertakes.
She continued the course of her life, graduating high school imbued with her lofty aspirations and dreams.
Sens was born an old soul, wise beyond her years; being conscious of this, she employs it to the full. She heeded her father, attending University.
Also she loved and found pride in making her family, especially her father, happy with her success in school, though her chief subject veered from his leaning. She is co-author of two best-selling volumes of poetry.
Sens sets out to learn as much as possible about written language and art forms, seeking to achieve her mastery through published works.
Life is increasingly sweeter for Sens; her first book is due out entitled "Coco's letters" with French title "Les Lettres de Coco".
Sens has unofficially performed at Bar 12:31 in New York City, and officially has begun recording her first EP and what she believes will introduce her music to a wide, appreciative audience.
She enjoys horseback-riding, camping, ice-skating.
For her pastime, she loves traveling, reading, composing poems, songs, singing, dancing and learning languages.


Fav & Misc

Fav. Movies:

Princess Bride      

Stealing Beauty

Wild Orchid

Who Framed Roger Rabbit​

Fav. Actors & Actresses:

Robert Redford

Clint Eastwood

Keanu Reeves

Pierce Brosnan

Mel Gibson

Kevin Sorbo

Dean Cain

Harrison Ford

Chevy Chase

Ashley Judd

Lucy Lawless

Audrey Hepburn

Beverly D'Angelo

Fav. Music:





Tony Bennett

Frank Sinatra

Louis Armstrong​​

Fav. Colours & Shades:





Fav. Item Clothing:

Denim Jean Jacket

Jeans and T-shirt

Fav. Clothing Designers:

Ralph Lauren

Badgley Mischka




Fav. Accessories




Fav. Food & Desserts:


Haagan-Daz Chocolate ice cream

Galaxy Chocolate

Fav. Sports & Players:

Volleyball (Gabrielle Reece) 

Baseball (Mets fan, David Wright)

Tennis (The Williams sisters)  

Gymnastics (Simone Biles)

Basketball (Michael Jordan)

Martial Arts (Bruce Lee)

Fav. Places to Visit:

Tuscany, Italy


Inverness, Scotland

Montreal Canada



Fav. Books:

Romance Novels

Angela's Ashes

Harry Potter

Fav. Quotes:

"I guess some mistakes you never stop paying for."

by Robert Redford in The Natural

"I' ve already been where you're going."

by Robert Redford in Up Close and Personal

"Love? Truth? Beauty? I prefer negotiable securities."

"Life? Life's pretty much a knife-fight in a dirt-floored bar: And if they get you down you best get back up."

"With their minuscule families humans are often forced to rely on a "state" or a "nation" for support. They might as well dig their hives in sand."

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Which is a problem if you're


"Here is the price of freedom: Your every drop of courage, ounce of pain, pint of blood. Paid in advance."

"Spiral, spin, ride the whirlwind. Knowing when the drumming stops,

There'll be no second dance."

"You can't outrun Death forever. But you can make the Bastard work for it."

"Beneath knowing, understanding. Beneath understanding, seeing. Beneath seeing, recognizing. Beneath recognizing, knowing."

"A soldier's first battlefield is always his own mind."

"Welcome twilight. Welcome blackness. Welcome inky night. Only in darkness

can I see your soul."

"Her beauty shimmers with the light of a new star. But she is the other.

Touch her, and you will know death."

"Confine that which you fear to the mirror. Start with who is standing there. Then smile."

"Destiny is the promise I give to you. Hope, the part you play, is trusting me to keep this promise."

"The tyrant and the rebel hold the same creed: To act is to live."

Fav. Songs:

Lips of An Angel by Hinder

Broken by Lifehouse

Where I'm From by Jason M. Carroll

Hurry Home by Jason M. Carroll

Happy Endings by Lee Brice

Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice

To Love You More by Celine Dion

Fav. Singers & Bands:

Celine Dion

Mick Jagger

Steven Tyler



Fav. TV Shows:

Golden girls




 Law & Order


My Home:

I consider myself lucky because of the people surrounded me. They say home is where the heart is, and for some reason I always feel at home wherever I feel at ease, comfortable in my own skin.

New York is home for now, I'm having a blast, just spent many New Years in the City one of many memorable time well spent in my life.

Having lived in many places, I can never seem to settle in one place for very long.

My Hobbies:

One of my unknown hobbies is writing poems, all the songs I write are drawn from poems at first.

Painting, photography, anything that is Art like or in the shape of it, I'm drawn to it.

And nonetheless another well-known past time of mine is of course my music and when I'm singing and writing lyrics for my music, I annihilate myself, it feels fantastic.

Also hanging with my friends, and having girl talk with my god-sister.

I love dancing, bowling, skiing, Ice skating and yes, Horse-riding.

I do want to own seven horses for each day out of the week, which is a lot of horsing around for me.

What I like to eat:

I was a vegetarian for seven years, seafood was primary on my list replacing meat.

I found myself loving sushi, Tuna avocado and yellowtail rolls.

I like to eat clams, mussels.

Anything garlicky I like, and pasta.

How I keep myself in shape:

Diets? Not for me.

I can't diet, because I'll be below my weight, jut running the treadmill for an hour I lose two to three pounds and my clothes won't fit properly.

To keep healthy and in good shape, I drink big bottle of Evian water, sleep a lot and eat when I'm hungry. I let out my frustrations in my poetry, artwork, which is another way to keep fit.

I sometimes, spoil myself with Doritos and chocolate.

What type of music I listen to:

One of my personal favorites, Norah Jones, I listen to Sade and a lot of country music.

Also one particular band 'The Susan Cagle Band', I stopped and watched them performing on the Subway, which I never do. I even bought their CD, it is good stuff.


So far, I've worked with three major photographers, the first was at Barbizon, I can't recall the gentleman's name; however my memory is a lot fresher on my second, Julie Brimberg and third, Johnny Nunez, his work includes The Source Magazine.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Zodiacal Sign: Libra Sun | Leo Moon 

Family: 11 Siblings, 2 half-brothers, 9 half-sisters

Dating: Unknown

Role Models: Anyone that inspires me and deems me tolerable

Ambitions: To fail and succeed in all aspects of life.

Special Training, Skills & Education: Barbizon Modeling School, Princeton University, Aberdeen University in Scotland, NYU, Beijing Language and Culture University

Ambidextrous: uses both hands equally

Occupation: Entrepreneur/ Singer/Songwriter/Poet/author/ Dancer/ Actress/ Model/ Designer/ Photographer/ Artist

Languages: French, English, Creole, Mandarin. Currently brushing up on her Spanish and Hebrew and Learning Arabic.