My Writing

Creative and Passionate

By the age of eight Sens already begun displaying her precocity as a writer – Coco, the main character, is modeled after her life, but is still somewhat fiction.  A freelance writer and published poet, her first published poem entitled "De Pina" depicted her life as a romantic figure of old that recognized the fires of love never have to be extinguished.  This poem inspired the course of her writing. The pervasive themes throughout her work are romance, drama and humor.  She continues to manifest destiny, encompassing many projects of lofty ambition and vision. Her dreams are charted in the stars and art in their myriad forms.  Stavellie derives infinite pleasure from physical activity, modeling her beliefs and ideas after Einstein's model of the Universe - "finite but unbounded."  She is a perpetual student of language, horse riding, camping and ice-skating.  When the opportunity presents itself she travels, otherwise she may be found working for her handbag company, Skin care company, making handmade organic soaps, studying Mandarin, Hebrew and Arabic languages, composing poems, songs or reading both fiction and non-fiction. She leads an extremely private family-centered life and currently resides in Asia.